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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. people just don't give up. and like no matter what the of the past is, the kids don't shut up about it. words you expect to hear at a prize fight in vegas, the words you will swear by tomorrow morning for your downtown drive. we will drive around barrel city. do you know what your kids did today on facebook? you will be acting like the cia after you see this. the news starts right now. >> now abc 2news at 11. >> new developments tonight, maryland has a new basketball coach. the deal was just made official with in the last 40 minutes. we will tell you more about the man who will replace gary williams. first, a mother apparently rooting for her son to throw punches in a fight. >> we got the video from a viewer who was disgusted and so was police. the police are taking action
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against the mom. >> cheryl connor is live. videos like this raise questions. >> reporter: they do. we learned today the mom on the tape faces charges now including second degree child abuse. we took that tape to a counselor and got information on how parents and their kids should handle bullies. it's a case of he said, she said. the mom in this video kelley white appears to encourage her son to beat up a so-called bullly. christian johnson said he was in the crowd. he said he has been pushed around by the so-called victim, the boy seen pinned to the ground. >> she was saying fight him and he -- he came up here and started it, now fight him. >> reporter: baltimore county police have announced charges against white including second degree child abuse and second degree assault. this cell phone video surfaced last week showing one boy choking another and the mother apparently encouraging her son
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to stand up for himself by throwing punches. we took the video to a child counselor at university of maryland school of medicine. >> really encourage parents not to start or get the child to try to stand up for themselves but rather to go to the school authorities, to go to the local authority if things getta pressive or violent. >> reporter: doctor stevens said its normal for the momma bear instinct but the anger shouldn't cause a fight. >> this incident is likely to have long term impact on the child. >> reporter: one part of the video shows white getting both boys up, they started fighting again and her son got knocked down. doctor stevens said about 70% of school age kids will be bullied. britney courtney has been a victim in the same neighborhood. >> people just don't give up. no matter what the past, the kids don't shut up. >> reporter: christian johnson
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said avoiding fights isn't always easy but he expects his parents to turn him in a different direction. >> well, how much i feel sorry for him. he is asking his mom for help and she won't help. >> reporter: kelley white didn't answer when we knocked on the door. the doctor said there are several website that give parents useful information on handling bullies. you can find those links on the website. cheryl connor. >> we will work right now to find solutions and give you more option to deal with your child if they are being bullied or bullying others. the government is taking a strong stand against bullying, there is a website set up to help children, teens and parents. @÷issues is being o and honest in all the communication lines. you don't just need to speak to your children but make sure you know what's going on in school and if there is a problem speak up, talk with school officials
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or if necessary bring in a counselor and call the police . kelley. >> tonight a neighborhood is on edge and police are on the look out after an 88-year-old woman woke to find a stranger over herbed. police say the suspect covered her mouth as she screamed but someone else in the home still heard her. that's when the suspect took off. >> 1:03 in the morning, it was very dark, the suspect had a black mask on. just a vague description. >> this season the first case of this kind in the area. police worked three very similar cases in that neighborhood. authorities can't say if they are connected but they are investigating. state police are searching for suspects in a home invasion. they say two men forced their way into a home beating a man and shooting him in the foot late saturday night. a woman in the bathroom called
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police. >> right now a man is facing charges including mobile manslaughter. it was back in february where jessica went for a walk and the 19-year-old was struck by a vehicle driven by a man police say was drunk. she died several days later. now today the 34-year-old joshua allen was charged with manslaughter. when the accident happened he wasn't sure what he hit. he went home and then he called police. >> now where police have busted up a prostitution operation run out of a hotel area. police took a laptop and made two arrests. a 34-year-old was running the operation. he is facing charges of human trafficking and other charges. a woman was also arrested. it's believed he was using the internet to get customers. >> cool night but it follows a
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fantastic day of weather across the state. temperatures were up in the mid- 70s earlier today. interesting on these spring evenings, still 68 degrees right now, a lot of concrete from that warm afternoon but most spots cooling off rapidly tonight in to the 50s and 60s. down to 47 and tomorrow another beautiful day as we climb back into the mid70's. you know the sun can't last forever. we will talk about a shift coming up. >> we haven't seen flooding like this since the great flood of 1927, those who live in the lower mississippi are holing their breath tonight hoping the levies hold. phillip from baltimore is a volunteer with the red cross. he will leave memphis tomorrow where he has been helping tornado victims and then he will move over to the flooding in tennessee, mississippi, louisiana. he has helped 250 families
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recover from fires in this city. he teaches at the school of nursing and if you would like to help out go to red >> new, new headaches for drivers who have to get to downtown baltimore. this to get ready for the grande prix. however right now you will have trouble getting around the city, especially the intersection of conway and light street. christian is live out there right now. many got a unpleasant surprise. >> reporter: construction started this morning as you take a look, it's still going on at this hour, the intersection of conway and light street busy, hard on a normal day, look at what it looks like right now. before they can rebuild the intersection they have to break it down. >> just trying to make it down there. >> reporter: good luck with
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that. a spokeswoman for the city department of transportation said some 30,000 cars go through the intersection of conway and light street every day. most of the cars going east on conway make a left and head north on light. that won't be possible for the rest of the project which is expected to last at least a month. >> i'm trying to get to a swim class. >> reporter: shaun is on the way to new york and thought baltimore would be a great stop. >> we didn't know we would fit in that. it was pushed up to prepare for the grande prix which is set for labor day weekend. this is what it's supposed to look like by lay for day. you will have to practice being patient, city officials say find another way around the mess if you can. >> it'll be a good thing but it's a pain right now.
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>> reporter: a lot of people use light street heading south to get out of baltimore. they make this right hand turn onto conway over to baseball stadium onto 395, construction has forced that down to one lane as well so the traffic is backing way up on light street to where it changes to st. paul. we have a look at other routes for you on the website. we are live in the inner harbor. >> all right. thank you. there is an upside to this. the grande prix may be shutting down roads in the short term but could give you better cell phone reception in the long run. at&t is putting an antenna into help boost coverage to the more than 100,000 expected to be here for the race. it's expected to be up and running before the race on labor day weekend. >> from the roads to the rail the government handing out two billion dollars to 15 states to help boost high speed rail. that after the florida governor
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canceled plan for a high speed rail in his state. we are getting $22 million to replace the amtrak bridge, connecting hartford with cecil. >> we all know that gas prices way to high so we are working to help fill up the tank for free. just for watch many maryland you could win a 100-dollar gas card. it started this morning and the first winner is kelley w from pikesville. she said a few months ago she spent $25 to fill up and now it's 45. you can win to, watch good morning maryland between 4:30 and 7 for the daily give away when see the code word send it to 46988 or e-mail to gas card at one person wins every day
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through may 25th. >> around 10:30 he wanted the job. mark from texas a and m has agreed to take over the terps. he played the point for kansas under coach larry brown back in the late 80s. he was the team captain. he learned the came from coach brown and then coach williams and after stops at jacksonville and wichita state he landed here where he has gone 97-40, four straight tournament appearances. he is a good recruiter, close ties with aau teams. he will replace gary williams. >> big shoes to fill. >> can't believe it without gary. >> coming up it's the murder mystery that has taken a chilling turn. several bodies found on a beach, all thought to be the work of one killer, now maybe not so. >> did you see who your teen friended a minute ago? you will be working 9 keyboard
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over tonight after you see this. >> growing up you had the family pet. tonight we will look at pet correctness. why we shouldn't use the word pet anymore. . ♪ ♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
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. nasa is aiming to launch the shuttle next monday. the shuttle is loaded with a two billion dollar experiment. juror selection has started in the trial of casey anthony, charged with killing her 2-year- old. it'll happen in orlando but jurors being picked a hundred miles away because of media attention. anthony said she didn't do it, that a babysitters kidnapped her, a meter reader found the body seven months later. the judge wants the trial to start may 17th and anthony could get the death penalty.
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>> the murder mystery on long island, there could be up to three killers on the loose. it's believed the bodies of four craigslist prostitutes are victimsst one killer. body parts found near the beach were committed by another and then two bodies were dropped off elsewhere on the beach, possibly the work of a third killer. it's all possible police say. >> earlier we gave you tips on how to make sure your children aren't bullied when it comes to facebook. you have tried everything, just trying to keep one step ahead. you check their e-mail, their screen, friends and know their password but there is a simple step you could miss, watch. danes spends his day with cables and computers monitors and main frames, he is an it specialist. >> my goal is to protect the kids online and i wanted a way to -- more easily monitor what
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they were doing on facebook. >> reporter: he could spend hours logging onto their accounts, checking friends, womans, hunting for anything inappropriate but wanted an easier way so he let facebook do it. >> we happen to control their e-mail addresses which is where the magic happens. >> reporter: he said anyone, can do this. the key is checking with your internet provider to create sube-mail accounts controlled by parents but they -- the accounts are connected to and controlled by them. the parents decide which e-mail senders are allowed which aren't. >> they didn't receive e-mails from facebook. >> reporter: he and his wife get told every time their sons make a move on facebook. >> on their walls and then what they do on other people's walls kids are smart enough to
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not put something on their wall but then will make a comment on a friend's wall and that is what you want to know about. >> not every day but i will do a spot check. >> reporter: dan isn't alone. many parents find ways to make sure their kids aren't being inappropriate. some say any safety precaution is a good one. >> 14, what kind of privacy issues does she need in. >> my son thinks i'm very protective. my adult son said he appreciated what we tried to do to help him. >> how much tether you need is -- that's the art of being a parent. >> reporter: now each internet service provider has different ways to set up the accounts. you can log onto the website and check out our spotlight section. it's easy, here is the article about it and i will just speed
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it up. here is the verizon, this is -- very simple, then one for the -- the sbc global through at&t. again its moderately easy to say it, the difficulty, moderately easy. go do it tonight. save your family. >> thank you. check this out. new politicly incorrect words that will have you scratching your heads, they include words like wild animal and, pet. you know what you probably call your dog or cat? editors say it should be changed to words like animal companion. they claim words like pet and even owner come from a time when animals were only seen as property. we want to know what you think. it's the hot topic. people are saying they think it's going to far and it's a
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joke. you can read more about it and leave your thoughts by going to our website at abc >> well youtube is taking a shot at netflix. the online video hub is expanding its service to include big new releases, inception, king's speech will soon be available for rental. some can be watched for free, others will cost you about $3 to rent. more than 3,000 new titles will be available. scammers are targeting people interested in seeing the raid of bin laden's compound. they said be on the look out for e-mail that claim to have videos or photographs of bin laden un's death. if you click on it you could get a virus that will inflict your computer and possibly spread to your contacts. to protect yourself be sure to read all e-mails carefully, and
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adjust your privacy settings. >> tomorrow night the series on cold cases continues. phyllis was the apple of her father's eye but 37 years ago he lost her when she was murdered in her home. he has been fighting for answers ever since. >> i'm 82 years old. this has bugged me for 37 years. i would just like to see something happen before i'm gone. >> megan has the story tomorrow night here on abc 2news. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> cool night at the moment. 55 degrees, on the way to the 40s overnight. wind is calm and i think it'll be a day tomorrow where we will almost no breeze at all. fantastic looking weather day
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on the way once again for us and in fact when you think about the weather that we had out there today it's hard to beat this. widespread sun, busy on the inner harbor lots of boat traffic. looking west out here -- that was fantastic, blue skies there to. the radar all clear tonight. five sweeps scanning the skies, we will find nothing out there, should be the case next several days, not looking for much on the radar view into probably the friday evening maybe, high temperatures into the mid-70s and again i think we are right back tomorrow, some spots into the lower 70's today, out there tonight cooler on the shores, we still have 62dc and 50 in frederick, tomorrow early look at some of the high temperatures, around 76 downtown and 73 or so tomorrow. warmer further south. closer to 84 shady side. all right its clear across the
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entire state and really a very quiet weather pattern for the east coast for the central part of the midatlantic, nothing going on. few clouds out of the west. no weather out there toward chicago land. that's good with all the flooding but look north and east, off shore, the entire storm swirling here but you can see the western edge of this storm, see -- going to try to push in out of the authority and east. we will get wrap around clouds but no rain off this retro grading low. the opposite direction of normal, northeast to southwest. we think the clouds stay mostly off story tomorrow. another great sunny day and then on wednesday, few more clouds and then rain stays off shore and not much weather to the west so you get out toward far west west virginia we are looking good, 47, getting cooler, cool start, a cr isp
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start in the morning. 74 in the afternoon, repeat of that fantastic weather today, tomorrow night, cooldown to 50, the possibility of late fog tomorrow night, could linger into wednesday morning, watch out early morning wednesday -- other than that a quiet pattern into the weekend. the chance for scattered shower for saturday and sunday. we will track that. >> nothing negative about that forecast. >> good stuff, good stuff. where did you go? there you are. >> been working out? >> all right. thank you. well they make the real money serving up touchdowns. >> i like it. >> see you later. tonight ravens throwing up something else. the cause and -- that had some of them showing off real different skills. first a look at night line. >> hello and thank you. coming up, the mississippi
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river rises to record levels. we are on the scene, but chad bono says and shows how he went from being a woman to a man. that's right after you. ñwñ[=
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. couple minutes ago we told you about mark from texas a and m taking over for coach replacing gary williams. tonight townsend is looking for a new men's lacrosse coach. earlier today the head coach announced he is stepping down from the job he has held for 13 years. tony is a hall of famer, the first and only to lead three
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schools to the ncaa tournament and one of two to win national coach of the year with two squads. he is expected to stay onto help with fundraising. on sunday afternoon -- tonight he was assigning tables, ravens center, matt burke waited on tables with ray rice and bolden, michael was there, they were all there. there was a silent auction to raise money for mike's hike foundation. >> and all the proceeds are going to benefit my hike foundation that provides educational opportunities for at risk youth. >> and quite a crowd and we should say that ray rice didn't [inaudible]. >> there you go. >> little gig on the side for them until they work out the nfl thing. >> they have to soon. >> just get it done. >> take a look tomorrow action
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sun, don't forget the sunglasses and dress for a warm afternoon. we like this way. >> all right. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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. make sure when you give home you give your family animal companion a friendly hug. >> they are family members, you know. >> over the top. >> night line is next. 4:30 the next news, have a good one. >> see you tomorrow. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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